zksnarks and identity security

Hello everybody,

I like the concept of zk snarks even though I don’t quite understand the concept. my understanding is limited to: I am a proof which allows me to confirm your identity without knowing your identity and thus to be able to identify you on any site which accepts this technology.

I would like to understand who will be the root of trust to validate this identity, specific services linked to the kyc?

imagine for a moment that a person who wants to scam and succeeds in creating an identity theft at the root, this person could have a passport on all the sites which accept zksnarks?

Thanks to you, hope to be understandable.

This is a really great question… I was thinking about this problem too as in order for the system to be secure it has to be 100% trustworthy (or as near as possible).

I can’t see a single user login for all zksnarks happening in the immediate future, so there is plenty of time to find a solution to this.

Most KYC’s for crypto exchanges involve uploading an official document, eg a driving licence with photo in order to be verified along with taking a selfie at the same time, so this is a fairly secure way to verify someone’s identity, but I wonder if there could be a further step that would make the system completely secure?

Would be great to hear some suggestions, brainstorming…