ID verification Snapp for bars etc

I think Bejan briefly mentioned something similar along these lines in a recent podcast. It’s a very raw idea, but I thought it might open some discussion around potential real world use cases.

How about a Snapp that links to a verifiable ID so that you don’t have to show any personal info in order to get into a club / purchase alcohol etc? Instead you just show a QR code on your phone to prove you are over 18 / 21 etc

Obviously it needs to link to a particular person or you could just use someone else’s phone, so one solution could be to have to link with the touch ID / fingerprint scanner in order to open the snapp?

Im not sure about the USA, but I know a lot of places now have bar code scanners for covid green passes in Europe.

Would be interested to hear any thoughts.


Just thinking about this idea a bit more and because essentially all privacy Apps (snapps) will need to be connected to a trusted data source, could it work (at least initially) in partnership with a KYC provider?

Obviously there would be some cost involved, could this be done on a flat rate ‘X’ Mina per snapp? Or could a % of future staking rewards be provisioned towards funding a Mina Oracle system? Is this something the foundation could see worth exploring with a developers grant?

I realise this is looking towards the future, but I would be interested to hear any thoughts…

To me this is an excellent idea / Where I live Switzerland there is a big discussion about this topic. For instance you have to have and show a covid certificate in order to enter a restaurant or bar for example. However many people fill uncomfortable sharing their ID details with a restaurant owner / And of course, the restaurants stufff, wants just to offer food, not play the role of a policeman that controls personal details. Thus yes, a Snapp, that could adress this issue would be Hot


I think there is a way to do this fairly easily with web snapps. If you could scan your ID locally and run a local AI that verified authenticity, you could then generate a proof that you had a valid id and just show the photo of the ID without any of the corresponding data.

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Yes, it’s an excellent idea, we can take advantage of zk-SNARK and blockchain technology to the ID verification purposes, maybe each ID will be an NFT


I have no idea about this from a technical perspective, but how cool would it be to combine the id barcode with a randomly generated avatar ala cyberpunks to create an NFT that could be shown to prove your real identity ?

I think it would be very popular!