Developer knowledge bases

This thread collates quality documents (not videos) for beginner, intermediate, and advanced developers. I’ll try to update the listing if any suggestions land in the thread below.


  1. Introducing OpenMina
    1. OpenMina (follow the Read More links) non-consensus node


  1. Staketab Academy
  2. Tokenomics Whitepaper
  3. Mina Node Developer documents
  4. Mina zkApp Developer documents


  1. Protocol whitepaper

I’m completing the Encode zk boot camp and sought further details about Mina. Finding those details proved time-consuming.

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Hello @taqtiqa-mark

Thank you for compiling and sharing with the rest of the community. Just curious are you a member of our Discord? If not, I highly suggest that you to join, due to ample information from other members regarding all levels of zero-knowledge based questions and information.

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