Verifiable Twitter Snapp

This is an idea for a decentralised Twitter type social media application using Mina as a way to prove identity but at the same time allowing anonymity.

The idea was inspired by seeing the amount of homophobia / racism / sexism generated towards Twitter users by anonymous accounts and the ‘fake news’ circulated by bots…

So the basic idea is that you could link the social media account with a KYC that verifiably proves you are a genuine real person, but still allows you to be anonymous (this is important as it still gives a level of privacy).

Violation of the terms of service would result in a warning/ban/permanent ban depending on the severity of the violation.

Financially it could be done on an annual subscription basis, potentially tied in with a wallet creation fee and initially it could be an invite only platform for Mina Wallet holders and as interoperability increased be expanded to other crypto chains that had a bridge with Mina (eg polygon/eth).

Would love to get some feedback.


Good idea. Anonymous under the condition of real

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