Implementation Mina in rust

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I followed this GitHub URL - GitHub - ChainSafe/mina-rs: Rust implementation of the Mina protocol, targeting Wasm and ARM architectures.. All commands are running on my server. What should I do next? Please let me know how to proceed with the next steps. I have attached a screenshot to this message.

Response from Chain Safe:

We are no longer maintainers of the Mina-rs library. As you can see, the repository has also been archived. If you have any questions, please direct them through official Mina channels.

I have also attached the screenshot.

How do I proceed with the Mina implementation in Rust? (We need Ouroboros Samasika.) Please let me know if there is any valid reference code available in Rust.

and then We attempted to connect with you on Discord but were unable to reach you. (The message showed that the “Accept” option is invalid.)

Thanks in advance!

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@supportFB there is a fork of the chainsafe repo under the minaprotocol org. They are at the same point. But at least the mina repo isn’t archived:


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@supportFB FYI, the following appears to be a non-consensus node only, not sure if that will change:

HT: Trivo @ Discord

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