L1 discussions on Solana, Avalanche and Near

There was a twitter space hosted by Naval and Hasheeb (Dragonfly Cap) - btw both are early investors of Mina - and participated by Antoly of Solana, Gun of Avalanche and Illia of Near. There are some notes taken by CMSIntern, and recordings here.

Thought these could be useful in shaping Mina’s own ecosystem that’s soon to come. There is one part that every founder of those L1s was asked to use 1 mins to summarise what to do on their chains, and interestingly, only three things are mentioned by them: wallet, bridge, and DeFi.

These three chains are among the most successful L1s and it is notable how the DeFi aspect becomes the corner stone of all their strategies. I suppose Mina’s intended applications are more diverse and probably will not focus on DeFi to start with, but the same 1 min question is a good one to ask ourselves nonetheless.


I feel like DeFi sort of emerged organically because people kept experimenting with what could be done on top of the EVM, then it boomed. Should new blockchains target support for DeFi or should they target novel things so that new usecases can florish? Should snapp reach feature parity or focus on unseen before features?

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Economy provide incentives for new builders and users. Mina’s SNAPPs are Turing complete, so theoretically you can build any feature. The team are building never before seen functionalities like non-consensus nodes and zkoracle, but it does not hurt to get DeFi on Mina going too. You can also add unique zk features to DeFi if people like them.


Exactly. I think we need more real world use cases.

When I think about the tech I always think about this answer by Steve Jobs.