ETH/EVM verifier on Mina

The team has recognised the interoperability between Mina and EVM chains as a key for the prosperity of Mina ecosystem, which is great. So far the work has been focussed on Nil foundations uni-directional bridge from Mina to ETH, and there is no mention of the bridge in the other direction before Q3 2022. I wonder from technical point of view, whether the latter would be more challenging to develop and what are the plans in that regard? ETH to Mina bridge could bring equal if not more benefits to Mina, e.g. liquidity and stablecoins to start with.


I don’t know of the technical difficulties but for sure interoperability is becoming key in the crypto space.

Liquidity and stablecoins as you mentionned bring money and investing activity, which bring developpers, which bring users and in the end a healthy enthusiastic ecosystem with actual used Snapps.

I would be really interested to see the next steps of the work at Nil Foundation or if something is planned for this (hackathon? grant?) :pray:


Agreed. I would like to see it as a priority as well. :grinning:

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Agreed too. Not only that, but if Mina’s unique features can be used back and forth on ETH I can also definitely see other L1’s wanting to do add that interoperability to ETH via Mina.

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zkEVM is the holy grail of zk-rollups. It is currently being worked on by multiple teams. In the future there is a real possibility that they could be interested in sourcing proofs from MINA snarketplace.

However, rollups don’t actually need to simulate EVM which is really expensive. Instead of compiling solidity programs into EVM bytecode, application developers would just reimplement their programs in SnarkyJS, generate proofs and verify on Mina chain. Finally, the proof would be ported over to the ETH bridge automatically.

there might have been a bit of misunderstanding here. The thread was about verifying ETH state on Mina to allow bi-directional bridge, not about directly running or verifying EVM on Mina.

I really want to price will up with the bridge to other blockchain!
Event planning for the first time?
Or other information?

I think ETH/EVM verifier would be interesting.

Hey @lamps - you can follow the NIL work here. They done a couple of cool blog posts as well.

The bi-directional bridge is definitely on the roadmap, and is in a ‘design’ phase at the moment. Hoping to have a concrete design to share with the community in the new year.