Lightning Network for Mina Protocol

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Even though I have bitter feelings for the team (reasons of which are known by the relevant parties, i guess), I couldn’t resist the temptation of opening this topic.

As many of you know, Lightning Network is a L2 solution that works on Bitcoin and is capable of handling tens of thousands of transactions per second. It’s safe, secure and fast.

The thing is, Lightning Network is not limited to Bitcoin only. It’s possible to use it for other crypto currencies (for Mina Protocol in our case) for much higher TpS results without much effort.

I wonder whether the developers are aware of this possibility.

P.S. apologies if this idea has already been discussed.

I’m not super versed in the lightning network, but it always seemed like an over-engineered and not-super-efficient solution when we have much nicer solutions like rollups these days. Wdyt?


I agree! Lightning is in many ways centralised and requires these parties to find routes across hubs/spokes. Lightning was also developed as a way to scale bitcoin - whose scripting is largely limited compared to most smart contract enabled platforms, similar implementations like RAIDEN (Ethereum) have pretty much fallen flat on the face and have little to no traction.

That being said, i would love to see some one take a crack at it… for science.

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Hello Serdar,

Thank you for posting here! I have in the past tried to find a contactable way to reach you.

Can you contact me via DM me on Telegram please? Here is my Telegram handle Telegram: Contact @RichieMunro

I am 100% a Mina Foundation employee. :slight_smile:

Hi Richie, I got your message!

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Thank you Serdar for reaching out :slight_smile:

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