Trustless Mina bridge to L2s

Just an idea, can well be naive/unrealistic: I’m wondering whether there could be separate bi-directional Mina bridges to the various zk Rollups on ETH (not sure how difficult the developments are. I assume Optimistic and Arbitrum will be similar to L1 ETH given their EVM support.) - I haven’t seen effective solutions to hop around different rollups, and if Mina could offer a viable trustless solution, it could capture more values of the L2 boom soon to come.


This was mentioned previously in Evan’s light chat with nil Foundation - worth a watch on YouTube !

Interesting to also see them mention possibilities of things like bridging to Solana :eyes:


Just wondering, after the Ethereum bridge is done, can we call Mina as being a L2 for Ethereum in addition to being L1 by itself?

I mean if Mina transactions could be verified on Ethereum, this would give Mina the advantage to being a L2 for Ethereum, right? And this does not affect the fact that Mina is still also an independent L1 network.

Yes and no, see this post for more details: =nil; Foundation’s trustless bridges | by Polynya | Medium

Will the Cairo runner named Turshi enable a bi-directional bridge to StarkNet? :eyes: credit to @sMgT for finding the pr.

I don’t see much point in being an L2 to ethereum. I think it’d be much more interesting to integrate mina with axelar for cross-chain exchange, and evolve mina as an independent L1.

How would a bidirectional bridge to starknet work?

I was not saying Mina should be an L2, I said bridge to L2. The link above was basically to enable any program written in Cairo to be run on Mina too.