Marketing Ideas for Mina Protocol

Here is a quick idea / suggestion for MF community managers @RHT313 @Christine. I thought of it after someone on discord asked about Mina meet-up’s and someone else did a nice map with all the validator locations marked on it.

How about creating a google form/questionnaire to find out where everyone is located (eg, city/country)? Share it on all the social channels and send it out to the MF mailing list.

The idea is to get an idea where the most densely populated areas of Mina fans are in order to help establish the best places to coordinate future meet ups. It would also serve as a nice piece of marketing material to show the global appeal of Mina.


I think we might already have that data as we’ve previously asked members what timezones they’re in but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt. In terms of meetups themselves from what I’ve seen, they’re still mostly virtual and MinaClub had to cancel theirs so it’s quite hard to organise something currently depending on which country. Great idea though and could even add in a question on ‘Type of Activity’ - ‘Meet and Greet’, ‘Mina Talk’ , ‘Mina Community Project’ so then you could tailor events towards what the community would like to do.

Thanks for the message Robyn, that is great idea about which type of project people may be interested in.

I was thinking maybe we could ask about their specific locations? eg, closest to which city etc… in addition to the timezone. We may find we have lots of people in the same cities who, when the conditions allow would be really excited to have a meet up.

From experience I know having this kind of data can really help making informed marketing decisions.

Love this idea! I think it’ll be so fun and rewarding to meet up people in the Mina community in real-life.

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Let’s start organising! Happy to help in any way I can.

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Today came across this unique idea. Low cost, permanent marketing ideas like this one are always good. Could be used by Mina Protocol marketing team as well.


Would it be superficial marketing strategy to show MP as the greenest/ most sustainable blockchain ? Or would it be a honest and powerful way to improve the marketing about MP ?

Almost everywhere on the planet, the ecological criteria (protecting of natural resources) becomes increasingly decisive as an imperative to guide and evaluate decisions, plannings, organizations, actions, production systems, etc. Increasingly often this ecological criteria is push highlighted in social networks, in street demonstrations, in political discussions, in advertisements, in mainstream media, in social networks, in commercials, in documentaries, etc…

So, many people criticize and attack cryptocurrencies with the argument that blockchain technology consumes energy in an unecological/unsustainable way therefore they think using a blockchain is bad for the planet. This argument is strong and it persuades a lot of people. It is undeniable that “The Merge” of Ethereum is a good answer to decrease the strength of that argument. But the lightness of the Mina blockchain makes this one unique in its exceptional and huge ecological advantage : I am convinced that communication in favor of the Mina blockchain must insist and emphasize much more often and much more strongly that this blockchain is incomparable as the greenest <=> the lightest.

Lot of people out of crypto world doesn’t see directly the relationship between lightness and ecology, so it could be very useful to say and repeat : mina is today the only one truly sustainable blockchain. Is it “greenwashing” or “superficial marketing strategy” ? From my point of view, it’s not “greenwashing” but it’s rather to reinforce and to attract the attention on the real specificity of Mina compared to other blockchain projects including even Ethereum after “The Merge”.

Among others possibilities, the communication in favor of MP could perhaps include an improvement of Mina’s slogan (“Mina New Slogan Proposal”) to integrate this positive ecological dimension ?

When I arrive on the home page of
I read this: “We are the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Using zero knowledge technology, Mina is creating the infrastructure for the secure, democratic future we all deserve.” For someone (= the very vast majority of people) who doesn’t understand what ZK technology is, the last sentence doesn’t say anything specifically different from what you would expect from a blockchain in general. A secure and democratic future is the obvious goal of S.Nakamoto’s invention. But it would be very powerful there to introduce the ecological dimension, for example like this: “Using zero knowledge technology, Mina is creating the [most sustainable] infrastructure for the secure, democratic future we all deserve.”

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Hi people,

Some of you might remember, several months ago, I brought forward the idea of organising chess tournaments on, sponsored by Mina Protocol.

Yes, during this insane bear market, allocating budget for such endeavours might look a bit too crazy, and a chess tournament sounds like a too big of a thing but trust me when I say that -financially- chess is so underrated that you would be shocked by the size of the budget that would be enough to execute such a plan. Honestly speaking, if there are no funds Mina Protocol could spare for such an idea, even I could do it with my own tokens.

Should this idea become real, we would organise daily/weekly/monthly chess tournaments among titled chess players. The reward for each event could be around $500/$1000/$2000 worth of Mina Protocol tokens. This would attract even the most celebrated chess GMs in the world, and thus, make Mina Protocol pretty popular among chess enthusiasts. We could do the same for untitled chess players with much much lower rewards ($50/$100/$200).

“Chess is for smart people, they like Mina, why don’t you” would be the implied slogan.

Low cost, high impact marketing operation.

Going for something like this during a bear market could convince everyone that Mina Protocol is here to stay.

What could be required of me to launch a first MP community event (conference) in my region EastAfrica.
There’s a supercharged Web3 enthusiastic community.
I would love to take a lead of Mina penetrating this amazing community for regional contribution and building

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