Mina New Slogan Proposal

Hello #minafam hope everyone is going well in 2022

2022 will be the year of the 22KB blockchain

2022 will definitely be a important year for Mina, We @Pete @lamps think Mina Protocol official need to update its slogan,“Powered by participants” is a bit dated, Suitable for testnet, now that we have SNAPPs incoming, it might be a good idea for Mina to rethink and reposition itself, and use the motto to reflect the new mission statement.
Below is our discussion about slogan,it should be classic and simple

1- trust, privacy, simplicity
2- lightweight, private, perfect
3- your privacy our future
4- privacy in an open metaverse
5- privacy in the new world

1- Privacy Shield
2- Your Privacy, Web 3.0’ Future
3- Privacy with 22Kb Shield

1- Private key to Web 3

We can brainstorm and we can have more discussion and ideas


May i just add some food for thought here, taking bits & pieces from your post as well?

Keys to a lighter future.
Future is in your hands.
Keys to the future is in your hands.

I suggest a slogan.

“MINA mean a paradigm shift to lightest but most trustful privacy in the Web3 world.”

I’m holder of mina & support mina’s future.

“Mina, because size matters”

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Moving from the fact that the most popular analogy for ZK-Proof technology being the Ali Baba’s Cave;

“Open sesame, open!”

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Agree with the sentiment on a slogan update, but don’t think it’s immediately necessary.

Should have a hint at privacy guarantees made by ZKPs, smart contracts on Mina, and recursion. Also, maybe a community element but don’t think it’s necessary as the community side is a given for most successful blockchains.

My suggestion:
“Programmable privacy on the world’s lightest blockchain”

But then again mina enables more applications than just privacy so maybe too simplified

Lots of good suggestions here. I tend to agree this isn’t an urgent issue, but at the same time with the launch of Snapps there is chance to change gear slightly away from ‘powered by participants’.

Agree with @sMgT that Mina can offer more than privacy, also like @Serdar 's ‘Open’ premise… @Cheve81 's is maybe a bit too tongue in cheek :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@ppakongs I like the sentiment, but maybe this is a bit long to remember / fit on the side of a bus…

What about…?
Mina Protocol: Private, Open & Light

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Or it could be;

“Less is more”


(M)inimize + (I)nfrastructe + (N)ecessity +(A)pplication
(M)olecule + (I)nformation + (N)eed +(A)pprove

A compression and privacy-focused blockchain

What about… ?

Mina - The blockchain in your pocket.

1 - trust, privacy, simple
2 - lightweight, private, perfect
3 - your privacy of our future
4 - privacy public paranoia
5 - privacy in the new world
6 - Because of privacy, so freedom

That’s pretty good actually, Pete! I could offer a slight alteration if you don’t mind;

“The back pocket blockchain”

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