Mina Community Guidelines - Finalized

Hello Mina Community!

Recently, an updated set of Community Guidelines were proposed to better reflect the current community’s needs and create a safe and positive environment for everyone. For example, the updated Community Guidelines explicitly call out the importance of Mina’s C.O.R.E values and provide clarity on what kinds of behaviors can result in warnings and bans.

An open comment period for community members to share their feedback, ask questions and make suggestions occurred from Oct 25th to Nov 1st. Comments were incorporated, and the Community Guidelines have been updated and published.

We appreciate everyone’s time who has contributed ideas, suggestions, and feedback into something that helps bolster the Mina community to be a better and safer place for new and existing members.

Click here to see the new Mina Community Guidelines

Shouldn’t the “discussion” with 3 replies, one of them belonging to a moderator, and 2 others unrelated to the topic (inflation and supercharged rewards), be considered as failed?