New to mina (I recently setup a node)

I own 0 Mina currently, but I have a Node running and currently syncing on an Ubuntu server. I run a block producer/stake pool on Cardano. And wanted to learn more about Mina.

Are you able to run a Block producer with 0 Mina and still be useful on this network?

Most likely I am more interested in compressing data, but I am still figuring that part out. Can a Block Producer or Node also compress?

I have wallet keys made, but how do I send that wallet funds? Or receive funds?

Yes but you won’t be able to produce any blocks

There is no compression nodes never hold data more than 290 blocks you might be talking about snark worker details here Staking & Snarking | Mina Protocol

You can import it to any mina wallet to utilize it. You need 1 mina deposit for wallet activation so you need to send more than 1 at the start.