The Silence of the Lambs

Yes yes yes, it’s the bear market, the space isn’t that fun and all that but why on earth is this place that silent?

Is it just about this forum not being that popular among MP enthusiasts (and that on Discord things are still colourful) or do people care about “revolutionary technologies” only when the price action is favourable?

I have read most of the Bitcoin forum. It’s easy to see that, there, people kept brainstorming about the project no matter what the price was. Why can’t we have something similar here? I opened many topics here but to no avail! Just me, myself and Irene!

Why is the marketing team that passive? Product positioning, brand management, etc. Shouldn’t they keep adding value to MP’s image on these areas even during this downtrend?

Don’t get me wrong, it is not the bag I carry that makes me write all these. Token price can go all the way down to zero, all that I care. Wouldn’t mind a bit, to be honest.

It’s also not a criticism directed at the devs. They clearly are doing some great work. My concerns are about the outlook of MP and the lack of dynamism on this forum.

It’s just way too silent…

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Quite simply, all the discussion is on Discord, and it is very active.

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