Polygon / Mina Bridge - NFT's?

I was looking at the opensea.io NFT platform and noticed you can use Polygon to buy/mint NFT’s. I was wondering if the Mina/ Polygon collaboration would in the future open up opportunities in this area? How do people envisage a MINA NFT platform and what unique features could be utilised?

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The bridge from Mina to Polygon will probably be just like the one developed for Ethereum - a one way bridge from Mina to Ethereum/Polygon. That will allow for a lot of cool use cases in the NFT space on Ethereum and Polygon, such as KYC or proofs of NFT ownership without disclosing private data.

However, for Mina to mint NFTs on Polygon and transfer them between the two chains a bi-directional bridge would be required, and currently only a one directional bridge is being build (a bi-directional bridge might very well come in the future). So, Mina would serve as a security and privacy layer for some NFTs and defi projects on Polygon, as far as I understand it.

But as long as Snapps allow for token creation, which they do as far as i am aware, we could also have our own NFTs and NFT platform on Mina.