Introductions 🙌

We would love to get to know the people in our community (where are you from, what interests you about Mina?, etc.). Feel free to introduce yourself here! :busts_in_silhouette:

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Hey there everyone!

I am Trivo, but feel free to call me Florian, I am a computer science student and software developer from germany. I have a great passion for blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and overall decentralized applications. Minas way of utilizing programmable zk-SNARKs in form of Snapps and SnarkyJS is truly exciting!


Hey all…
I am Pete, I am the editor of the Mina Community website, I have a passion for expanding ideas, solving problems and inspiring people to engage in a positive way with the world around them. I also love good pizza.

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Hi, I’m Alfredo but most people call me Cheve. I’m from Spain and I studied Telecomunications’ Engineer and work as radio network engineer since 15 years ago.

I knew about Mina months before the ICO in Coinlist because a friend told me about the tech used, I even applied for genesis program but for lack of time never joined the discord (bad done). Luckly I was able to enter on the ICO and bought more mina later, holding all for long time.

I think future is in smartphones and IOT, so if mina can be used there it will be a winner tech.


Hello everyone!

My name is Robyn and I am a Community Growth Manager for the Mina Foundation,

Great to see everyone here!

Please let me know how I can help you.


Hello all!

I’m Syd, French crypto enthusiast, active participant in crypto projects that I value highly, either by participating directly to the network (nodes, block producers…) or just by helping to grow the community.

Discovered Mina when it was still Coda :sweat_smile: and now actively participating in the French community by helping newcomers to onboard on Mina’s journey. If you are more comfortable in French, please don’t hesitate to reach me and join Mina French community!