Running a Node - a step by step video

From feedback I receive from the Community I know there are a lot of enthusiastic members who would love to run a node, but just need a bit more help to get over the line.

There was an excellent video made by Brandon on how to set up on testnet, but creating an up to date step-by-step guide video would help a lot of people.

I would be interested to hear thoughts on the best way to show, eg cloud hosted / docker etc etc.


Hi there,

I made once one and posted it to YouTube but guess it would be a good time to refresh it :slight_smile: Happy to do it :slight_smile:


That would be so awesome!! I think there are probably quite a few Telegram admins who would be forever in your debt. :grinning: BTW do you have a link to the current one? Also have you seen Oltons’s Mina installer?scripts/mina/node at install-mina · olton/scripts · GitHub would be interested to get your thoughts. Thanks again!

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Hi there,

yeah, here it is (in Spanish, lol):

I took a look at olton’s scripts but it seems like, for educational purposes, a step-by-step approach is better since, when running into trouble, there is no chance to fix anything if you don’t know where to look at.



Yes, def a step by step ‘beginners guide to…’ would be so great. Also agree about Olton’s Mina installer, but I’ll see if he would like to do a video for that too. If the telegram / discord admins have a link to a guide that people can watch and follow along I think that would be so useful.

BTW I am also wondering… I think it’s easy to forget sometimes there are a lot of people interested in the project for whom English isn’t their native language. Once the video is published I can ask the community to submit translations in as many languages as possible then we could potentially add them to the video How to Add Multiple Subtitles to a YouTube Video in the YouTube Studio - YouTube

What do you think?

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I sent a quick tweet out to the community and we already have volunteers to translate to


Hey @Pete and @ivandiazperez , amazing to see the both of you joining hands on this! I can see how such a step by step video that’s accessible in multiple languages can make a real impact in enabling many more users to run a Mina node, and powering Mina’s decentralized network.

Let us know if there’s any way we can help! Ivan is a very experienced node operator in Mina’s community, and Pete, you seem to have a knack for these kinds of community initiatives, so I think you both make a great team. Perhaps we can help with letting your videos reach a wider audience. Feel free to reach out!

would it be a good option to do it directly in English?
My past videos were recorded in Spanish, but can make the switch there to reach a bigger audience.

Take care

Yes, English would be best for the audio language, we can then add the subtitles into the Youtube video after we upload. I think if you can do Spanish I can get
Turkish, Greek, Italian, French, Chinese & Thai

Would be a really nice international collaboration!

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Ok perfect. Anything you think I should spend more time on during the video?

Hey @ivandiazperez brilliant! Just very slowly and clear is the best way. If you know how to do it, you can zoom into any parts when you enter code in… that will help people too. Really
excited to see it!

Yes, there are really not enough detailed videos on launching a node and additional add-ons.

My guide, which I created a very long time ago, is quite detailed with different options in the service or docker.

I also have a very simple docker-composу script with automatic launch of minа node (with new uptime system) + postgres + archive + sidecar + backup blocks to GCP (google cloud)

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Yep Ducca, learnt here from the masters like you (sincerely) :slight_smile: It is just doing a video what we want, since that reaches another kind of audience that is more prone to watching than to reading

Yeah, we need more video guides, they are easier to perceive unambiguously.

Hey there, just wanted to let you know if I can do anything to help with the video. We have all the translators (the easy part) ready to go. Would be awesome to get live before World Mina Day 02-02-22

Sure! Been pretty sick for days, not feeling a little bit better, will look for time to get to it :slight_smile:

ah, sorry to hear, hope you’re ok now? … That would be awesome :+1:.

It is already recorded, will improve it a bit and upload it to YouTube today :slight_smile:

And here it goes!

HD version is being processed but should be available soon.


Amazing, can you create a subtitle file? Then I can get the volunteers to help with the different translations…