World Mina Day prep

There has been a great initiative from the community, started by our own @Pete and @cryptocaptain, to recognise 2022.2.22 as world mina day (for obvious reason), and celebrate it amongst the global communities that care about and are helping Mina. The community response has been phenomenal.

I personally think this is a great piece of marketing initiative, and the date has great confluence with a number of technical develpments, including Mina->ETH bridge, Snapps on testnet/mainnet, so I’m wondering whether Mina Foundation and O(1) could endorse, participate, and support this kind of community efforts? If well orchestrated across the community and technical fronts, this could be a great push to enhance the penetration of both Mina brand and its nascent Snapps ecosystem.


Hi @lamps , great suggestion as @Pete has been doing a phenomenal job in organising Mina World Day and I have been looking into how the Foundation can assist , what type of participation from the Foundation would you recommend/ how do you think we can support these initiatives?

Just to clarify World Mina Day is 2-2-22 not the 22nd as per the Mina Newsletter… We had a vote on twitter in early Dec and 3/4 of the community voted for the 2nd.

UPDATE: IN the spirit of democracy I have published a confirmatory MIP type twitter vote to decide once and for all. (If only they had done this with Brexit!) :grinning: I will update here tomorrow with the final decision.

Maybe the MF can RT the tweet so we get maximum exposure?


Just in case you didn’t know the community chose 2-2-22 as the date for World Mina Day, think it will be great to make this an annual event and see how it grows each year. Also 2-2 will still be cool in 2018 or 2019!

I have lots of things going on behind the scenes, if you want to get involved or have an idea for something, feel free to message me here.

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