Mina Protocol Career Days

Hey people,

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at a detailed crypto report on adoption rates. While a big chunk of the report was -understandably- focusing on the adoption of the end users, there was a section which was comparing different L1 solutions by their adoption rates among developers. In summary, that section was giving detailed info on how many devs every blockchain had, what was the increase rate of that number, etc.

That, I found to be a vital detail for the success of any L1 wanting to be a big player in this game. And it gave me an idea!

If I am right, when it comes to mass adoption, most blockchain projects heavily invest in reaching out to the end users, as they are obviously the final target. But in my opinion, limiting the efforts only on this aspect of the matter is a strategical mistake, if not a blunder. It’s young devs (and dev candidates) projects like Mina Protocol should find ways to bring aboard. This is because, it is the developers who will do all the work and build a living, breathing and constantly evolving ecosystem around the MP that will attract all those users later on.

Last week, I met two young men, studying mathematics and computer science at Oxford University. Both of their dissertations were related to blockchain technology (one being about developing better liquidity pool algorithms for DEX’s and the other one about something related to Bitcoin). I was truly amazed how ready the world is to embrace this new technology. Bright people are already doing their best to be a part of this revolution. All we have to do is to reach out to them before other projects. These people are there, waiting for MP to go and introduce its beauty to them. What a waste it would be, not to take this chance!

This is why I believe it’s crucial that Mina Protocol puts together a team that will work exclusively on the matter of introducing Mina Protocol to college students and fresh graduates. That team should travel and join the career days of the most distinguished universities’ engineering departments and show how smart it would be for those young engineers (to be) to invest their time and effort on Mina Protocol and try to develop their own snapps on MP. Anyone, with a pinch of idealism, would quickly realise how remarkable that idea is and how superior it is to work on their own blockchain project (with a few friends of theirs) compared to being exploited by a big corporation as a junior developer.

It will be a win win for MP and those young brains! That publicity team of MP could visit Ivy League schools alongside with some other distinguished US universities. They could also pay a visit to the other side of the Atlantic and talk to the students of reputable British & European universities. Then maybe more would follow (such as India and Turkey).

It would be a cost effective operation with a high possibility of success.


What a fantastic idea! I totally agree about the need to focus on raising awareness about Mina through as many channels as possible.

I think this just one of the areas where the grants program can really help empower the community. I noticed that Solana are doing a similar thing https://twitter.com/solana/status/1483548629151494154

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