Mina Protocol SWOT Analysis

Hey all,

I have created a quick swot analysis for Mina Protocol, in case it hasn’t been done already.

I hope it helps the marketing and product development teams with their work.


@Serdar , Thank you so much for taking your time to prepare this! This is really helpful and informative :slightly_smiling_face: For clarification, is the numbering on the side 1-10 a ranking in priority for the project?

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You are welcome! No, the sequence doesn’t imply any priority.

What’s a swot analysis btw? Is it something standard in marketing or something?

Yes, it’s pretty popular in business schools and management departments. Helps to see the big picture about a project in a matter of minutes.

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One of a potential competitor chain, Aleo, raised a massive $200m from leading VCs: https://www.coindesk.com/business/2022/02/07/aleo-blockchain-raises-200m-for-privacy-minded-defi/
I hope Mina could take full advantages of the ~1yr headstart, cause other projects are surely catching up and vying for the leading zk platform.